Review employees hours for the week and produce payroll reports and exports to payroll system


Payroll Summary:

Displays all employees and a summary of their hours per department worked and also per pay rate (if some shifts on different pay rates). Includes hours worked at ‘sister’ establishments (that also use ticktock). Also displays a summary of leave taken.

For salaried employees, allows for the salary hours to be changed and saved as these need to apply to the days worked and adjusted if the employee is on leave i.e.:

  • An employee’s salary is based on 40 hours / 5 days per week
  • The employee is working 3 days and taking 2 days off as holiday pay
  • Salary hours needs to be adjusted to 24 hours (being 3/5 of 40)


A PDF report can be printed, and if configured, can be exported to a file that can then be imported into the clients chosen payroll system. Leave is not currently included in the export file will need to be manually entered into the payroll system

Leave Table:

Leave recorded is displayed in the leave table and is also included in the PDF payroll report, to then assist with entry into the clients chosen payroll system. Adjustments to leave should be done in the timesheets – week screen